Waterproffing of Watches

Why Waterproofing of Replica Rolex Watch is Important?

The SWISSMASTER Rolex Swiss replica watch is built with high-quality 904L stainless steel, which creates the ideal environment for the watch movement. We seal the watch case back tightly to the case using a strong force of five newton meters, keeping out shocks, pressure, dust, and water. The case of the Solidswiss.cd Rolex replica watch is made from a single piece of this premium stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion, and it includes a protective crown guard.

Our Rolex Swiss made replica watch cases have special seals to keep everything secure. There’s a polyethylene gasket for the sapphire crystal, three synthetic rubber gaskets in the screw-down crown (either 20-rings and a flat gasket or 3 0-rings), and an O-ring for the back. This Oyster case is like a shield that keeps the movement safe from water, dust, and humidity in the air.

What makes us unique is that we use a special press to cut the case from a solid block of 904L steel, a process that only Solidswiss.cd uses in making Rolex Swiss made replica watches.

Once the watch is put together, we screw the case back onto it really tightly, like sealing a submarine hatch. The SWISSMASTER Triplock crown is designed to keep water and dust away from the movement. It’s made up of 10 different parts, all crafted from really reliable materials. Solidswiss.cd is the only Swiss replica watch maker that has completely copied the Rolex winding crown systems.

The part of the watch that’s most vulnerable is the winding stem. Rolex uses two types of crowns depending on how water-resistant the watch needs to be. Most Rolex watches have the Twinlock Crown. The Solidswiss.cd Twinlock crown is made to keep water out up to 100 meters (300 feet) deep.

3 Layer Sealed

Rolex uses two types of crown systems. One is called the TripLock system, which is similar to the TwinLock system but with some differences. Both systems use 10 different parts to make sure the watch is sealed well against water, but the TripLock system is designed to be watertight up to 1000 feet (300 meters).

You can tell the SWISSMASTER TripLock crown apart from the TwinLock one because it’s bigger, and it has three dots below the Rolex logo crown. The Solidswiss.cd TripLock system uses a larger case tube and four rubber O-ring gaskets to make sure it’s waterproof.

When you unscrew the TripLock crown, you can see the first gasket. The second O-ring is inside the crown and gets pressed against the case tube. The third and fourth gaskets are inside the case tube around the winding stem, forming a tight seal. This setup ensures that water can’t get inside the watch.

Watch Sealing

SWISSMASTER Rolex Swiss replica watches use specially made seals from P.H.E. Gaskets SA to keep them waterproof. These Swiss rubber seals, along with Swiss lubricant, are applied to the crown, buttons, and caseback to create a tight seal, making our watches more resistant to water.

SWISSMASTER worked with P.H.E. Gaskets in Switzerland to make custom seals that are just like the ones Rolex uses. They started by analyzing the chemical makeup of Rolex’s rubber seals and then recreated them. These new seals were tested to make sure they are strong and can keep the watch tightly sealed, following Swiss standards.

The synthetic rubber seals from SWISSMASTER can handle high temperatures, resist things like ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, organic solvents, and chemicals, making them very durable.

In all SWISSMASTER Rolex Swiss replica watches, we use special seals called P.H.E Sealants and double core silicone “O” Rings. These seals are made from a silicon compound that’s much better at resisting cracks, corrosion, and getting old compared to natural rubber.

Gasket Lubricant

To make sure our watches stay waterproof according to our strict standards, it’s crucial that all the parts work perfectly. If a rubber seal fails, water can get inside the watch and damage it. So, these rubber seals need to be coated with a special lubricant. This lubricant helps keep the seals flexible and ensures they can seal the watch properly when there’s pressure on them. Paying close attention to the parts we use is the key to making a perfect Swiss Rolex replica watch.

Testing up to 300 Meters Under Water

We make sure that all SWISSMASTER Rolex Swiss replica watches are waterproof by testing them in water up to a depth of 100 meters. Our diving models even have a working Helium Release Valve and use the same extra-thick Sapphire crystal as the real Rolex watches, which makes them waterproof up to 300 meters!

To check the water resistance, we use a special device called the Roxer Natator 125, which Rolex approves for testing their watches. This ensures that every SWISSMASTER Swiss replica watch can handle water without any problems.

We ate SWISSMASTER take’s water resistance very seriously. To make sure our Rolex replica watches can handle water, we test them right in our Swiss workshop using a Rolex-approved water resistance tester called the Roxer Natator 125. Our testing is very thorough, and we even use a special water chamber for high-pressure testing to make sure the watch can handle being deep underwater.

Our watches are made from top-quality 904L stainless steel, which is really good at keeping saltwater from causing damage. Plus, our skilled Swiss craftsmen make sure that your Rolex Swiss replica watch is built to last and won’t break down when it’s submerged in water.

Go Swimming or Divining with Replica Rolex

The SWISSMASTER Rolex Sea Dweller watches have a special feature called a Helium Release Valve. This valve opens when there’s a difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the watch, usually 3 to 5 bars. It allows helium gas to escape.

After deep-sea dives, divers need to decompress before coming up to the surface. The Helium Release Valve helps with this process. It lets the helium trapped inside the watch escape slowly so that the pressure inside the watch doesn’t become too high, which could damage it.

Regular watches designed for deep-sea diving need to be quite large to handle the water pressure. To keep our Rolex Sea-Dweller DeepSea Swiss replica watch waterproof, we use a thick, domed sapphire crystal that’s 5.5mm in thickness. This crystal helps maintain the watch’s water resistance.