Frequently Asked Questions

Most Commonly Asked Questions About SWISSMASTER Watches



Is it okay to buy watches from the SWISSMASTER website?

At SWISSMASTER, we want you to know that buying from our website is super safe, even safer than buying things in person. We use a really strong security program called VeriSign to keep all your personal info safe. And if someone tries to do anything sneaky with your credit card, we’ll cover up to $50 of any charges your bank asks you to pay. But honestly, we’re really confident that nothing like that will ever happen. Plus, you can also place orders by calling us on the phone.

Are the dials on SWISSMASTER watches very detailed?

Yes, the fonts on the dials look just like the real thing and are super clear. You won’t be able to tell the difference between our watches and the genuine ones because we replicate everything perfectly. You can see for yourself by looking at some close-up pictures. Our dials are made with the same materials and process as the original Rolex dials.

Can you go swimming while wearing a SWISSMASTER Rolex replica watch?

Absolutely! All SWISSMASTER Made replica watches are specially designed for swimming. They have Swiss P.H.E rubber seals and unique double core silicone “O” Rings to keep water out. Don’t believe anyone who says they have better seals because they simply don’t exist!

The tough Swiss sapphire crystal on these watches won’t get scratched, so your watch will stay intact even underwater. The high-quality 904L solid stainless steel it’s made from won’t corrode in saltwater. And because of the excellent Swiss craftsmanship, your watch won’t stop working when it gets wet.

All SWISSMASTER replicas are tested to work in water up to 100 meters deep! The diver models are tested to go even deeper, up to 300 meters! Some selected diver models even have a working Helium Release Valve and the same thick Sapphire crystal as the original watches.

General Questions About SWISSMASTER Watches



What kinds of fake watches are being sold on the internet today?

There are mainly three types of replica watches you can find online.

1. Asian Clones – Th ese are low-quality fake watches that are easily noticeable as fakes, even from a distance.

2. Asian Swiss ETA Movement Clones – These are medium-quality fake watches that claim to have Swiss ETA movements, but they actually have Asian-made ETA-style movements. When you touch and inspect them, it’s pretty obvious that they are fake. Some websites sell them as “Swiss replicas” for $200 or $400, but in reality, they are Asian-made watches. A genuine Swiss ETA movement can cost anywhere from $340 for a basic ETA 2836-2 to up to $900 for a Valjoux 7750 chronograph.

3. Genuine Swiss Hand-Made Replica Rolex Watches – These are extremely rare and hard to find. They are different from the other types because they are actually hand-made in Switzerland using real Swiss-made parts and movements. So, their prices are higher, but you’re getting a lot more value for your money.

What if there are problems with my replica watch or I need it fixed?

Good news! All SWISSMASTER Rolex Swiss replica watches now have a 2-year standard warranty, and you can even get an extended 4-year warranty. We have skilled and certified watch experts with more than 20 years of experience in fixing Swiss watches. And here’s the best part – if you’re a SWISSMASTER customer, you won’t have to pay anything for this service!

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

Well, here’s the thing – these watches are made really well. When we talk about quality, you should know that SWISSMASTER makes genuine Swiss watches that are built to last a really long time. If these watches were sold in fancy stores, they could cost thousands of dollars. And the best part is, they look just like real Rolexes, so you’re getting a great deal for your money. But if for some reason you’re not satisfied and want to return your watch, just email us and send it back within 7 days from when you got it.

How can I be sure it's safe to buy from you?

You can trust us because we accept major credit cards like VISA and MASTERCARD. We’re authorized sellers through these big credit card companies. We also give you various ways to pay, whether it’s with your credit card, money transfer service, or bank wire transfer. This means you can pay quickly and get your order processed fast. It’s a pretty great deal, right?

Will anyone ever be able to tell if it's not the real watch?

Detecting whether a watch is fake or real usually involves looking at the inside of the watch, especially the movement. But with our new Rolex Clone Swiss Movements, even experts would have a hard time telling the difference. Our clone movements work exactly the same way as genuine Rolex movements. They even tick at the same rate, 28,800 vibrations per hour. So, from the outside, it’s nearly impossible to tell if it’s real or not.

You should also know that our Swiss replicas are very rare, and not many people know about them. Our factory can only make a small number each year because they are all made by hand. We use high-quality materials that are the same as those used in genuine Rolex watches. We use solid 904L stainless steel, and real 8k gold or platinum PVD Plating. This means our watches have the same weight and feel as real Rolex watches. Rolex even uses the same kind of stainless steel we use.

Why might I want to buy a Swiss replica watch?

Well, there could be a few reasons:

1) You want to wear a replica instead of your real watch to avoid any damage.
2) You’d like to own a real Rolex, but they’re too expensive.
3) You want to impress your friends or business associates.

The main reason people choose Swiss Hand Made replicas, like the ones from, instead of regular replicas is that they are incredibly hard to tell apart from real Rolex watches. Regular replicas, especially those from Asia or Japan, are made in large quantities and often lack the fine details and craftsmanship of genuine Rolex watches.