Original VS Clone

Why  opt for SWISSMASTER’s Cloned Rolex

We at Swissmaster.nu lab craft the best quality replica Rolex watches that no other watchmaker can beat in quality and price. Nobody desires to wear a clone or replica and it could be identified as fake at a glance. We claim that a professional jeweler cannot spot our Cloned Rolex as fake.

High quality Swiss made parts and Swiss cloned movements, make swissmaster’s Rolex live for a lifetime. Its better to spend on one quality replica Rolex watch that will last forever rather than getting three that can’t survive a year.

Just imagine how embarrassing it is when your worn Replica Rolex would be identified as fake when it’s a corporate meeting or a high-end party. We at Swissmaster.nu make sure that you wear our Rolex with confidence that it cannot be identified as fake.

The Quality of materials and precision of Swissmaster’s cloned movement make it possible for our Replica Rolex to live lifelong. Its far better to spend a little more to have a watch that go with your personality rather than having a cheap fake Rolex.

Original Rolex VS fake Asian Rolex vs Swiss Cloned Rolex

We at Swissmaster.nu know that not everyone can afford an original Rolex but wants to have one, so we are here to support you in the scenario. For merely an eighth  of the cost of an original Rolex you can have a swiss made Cloned Rolex that nobody can identify as fake.


Available Replica Rolex Watches fall in three slabs.

  1. Swissmaster.nu Swiss made cloned Rolex. It is going to cost you almost 8th of the price of an Original Rolex model. It makes use of Swiss made Cloned parts and precise movements. You can imagine that a cloned Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement costs $900 alone so it is going to cost more but it will go for a lifetime.
  2. So claimed Swiss replica is the second on the list. It sells for $300-$400 online on different sites. These are pure made in Asia watches and use Asian made movements. You can easily spot these by touching it. It’s looks and feels tells all the story if you are a watch lover.
  3. Third is low-quality Asian made replica Rolex. You can spot these from a distance. These cost not more than $200.

We at Swissmaster.nu sell Cloned Swiss made Rolex which is listed on the first. Our professional watchmakers craft each and every piece manually so it’s a unique experience to own one. Not everyone can afford it and wear it. You are going to be one of the few people who are masters of these Rolex Models. It gives the same feeling as owning an Original Rolex.


Original Rolex

Replica Rolex

Movement Rolex Calibers SWISSMASTER Made Rolex Clone Calibers
Stainless Steel 904L Steel 904L Steel
Steel & Gold Models 904L steel and 18K Solid Gold 904L steel and 18K Solid Gold Wrap
Gold Models 18K solid Gold 904L steel with 18K Solid Gold Wrap
Platinum Models Solid Platinum 904L steel with Platinum Heavy Wrap
Bezel Fixed or rotatable with Cerachrom insert Fixed or rotatable with Swiss Ceramic insert. Construction and Pearl design 100% same as Genuine
Crystal Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating Swiss Made scratch-proof Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. Same shape, thickness and Cyclops magnification power as genuine
Dial Genuine Rolex Detailed hands, prints, engravings and inserts 100% same as genuine Rolex. Correct font & size day-date wheels
Dimensions, Weight & Feel Dial Genuine with smooth, solid feel Exact to original. 100% same weight and smooth solid feel
Luminous Markers Rolex Lumen SuperLuminovaTM Swiss Lumen
Diamonds Real Diamonds Real Moissanite Diamonds
Waterproofness Waterproof within the manufacturer limits Waterproof to 100m. Diver models up to 300m
Service Every five years in Rolex Service. Cost from $900 to 32900 Every five to ten years in any Swiss watch Service Lab. Cost from $120 to $250
Time Accuracy -3/+3 seconds per day COSC certified -3/+3 seconds per day with in COSC certification limits
New Bracelet Cost From 34000 to $16000 From $200 to $300
New Movement Cost From $4000 to $9000 From $600 to $900
Life Expectancy Lifetime Lifetime
Manufacturer Rolex SA. Geneva Switzerland. SWISSMASTER Watch Company SA. Geneva Switzerland.