Watch Materials

18-Karat Pure Gold

Presenting the pinnacle of exquisite handiwork: Our Rolex Replica 2-Tone versions are crafted from solid 18k gold, which gives them a brilliant charm that catches every light. This includes the Crown, Bezel, and middle Link. Timeless elegance, long life, and unmatched durability are the hallmarks of our timepieces made with solid gold components.

Replica Super Clone Rolex 2-Tone watches with Solid 18k Gold Parts from Swissmaster are the pinnacle of horological perfection, whether worn as a daily accessory or as a fashion statement.

Reinforced 904L Steel

Cutting the 904L steel casing is done by Swissmaster using a 250-ton press. Commonly used in the chemical sector, 904L offers an exceptional level of resistance to corrosion. An exceptional alloy that harmonizes flawlessly with the other precious metals offered by Swissmaster. It’s very easy to polish and has excellent resistance to corrosion.

One further thing that makes Swissmaster’s Swiss-made Rolex replica watches different from the competition is that, while other watchmakers utilize 316L grade stainless steel, Swissmaster uses a tougher, more chemically resistant steel.

Non-magnetic – Resistant to Corrosion

Swissmaster Weldability and formability are two of 904L grade steel’s many impressive qualities, and it is never magnetic. It possesses exceptional resilience to a broad variety of conditions, but it was first engineered to withstand sulfuric acid. Corrosion and degradation around the caseback threads were accelerated by salt and other minerals.

The 904L stainless steel used by Swissmaster has a little greater nickel and chromium content, which helps to delay degradation. Another possible inhibitor of pitting and corrosion, chloride is not an issue with 904L.

SwissMaster Valuable Metals

Our unique plating technology, PVD, together with genuine 18ct white-yellow-rose gold and actual platinum alloy (95 percent platinum, 5 percent palladium), make our watches stand out from the rest and make Swissmaster the only Swiss replica watch maker to do so.

An indestructible, long-lasting Rolex clone is the product of meticulous Swiss workmanship, our brand-new Rolex Clone Swiss-made movements, and the precious metals we use. 

Crystal Made of Solid Sapphire

At Swissmaster A high-purity, scratch-proof Sapphire crystal with an internal colorless glare-proof coating is standard on all Rolex replica watches. This crystal is identical in form, thickness, and cyclops magnification power to the original.

The creation of synthetic sapphires, the second hardest gemstone after diamond, requires a great deal of complex manufacturing processes, which are exclusively handled by Swissmaster. It takes a lot of specialized knowledge and tools to apply the glare-proofing on both sides.


Blue Luminova

SwissMaster makes use of bright material that functions similarly to a light battery: Super-Luminova. They may stay glowing for hours after being sufficiently activated by light, whether natural or artificial. The nighttime readability is ensured by the light markers.

There is no degradation to the material, and this activation and light emission process may be repeated indefinitely. As a result, Super-Luminova® provides peak performance for the entire Swiss master lifespan Swiss imitation Rolex watch.

The Genuine Article of Moissanite

Swissmaster: One further thing that makes our Swiss Rolex imitation watches special is the use of moissanite diamonds. Less brilliant than diamond is moissanite, which has a refractive index of 2.65 to 2.69.

More than twice as much fire-like rainbow flashes are produced by moissanite than by diamond, ruby, emerald, or sapphire, all because of its dispersion, which is 2.4 times more than that of diamond. Light just dances upon Moissanite, both throughout the day and at night.

PVD plating yields ten times the amount of gold

The thickness of the PVD coating used to Swissmaster Swiss replicas is 10 microns, which is ten times thicker than regular gold plating and much more durable than the thickness would indicate. Using titanium nitride in PVD plating makes it very difficult to scratch through to the base metal, making it scratch resistant.

The 904L steel is first coated with titanium nitride, resulting in a surface that is very hard and rough. Applying gold or platinum to a surface involves filling tiny holes in the surface before building it up to a smooth finish. The very sharp edges of the titanium nitride serve to shield the valuable from damage and prolong their life.

Cooked at a temperature of 2050° Celsius

The aluminum oxide mineral alumina is the building block of synthetic sapphire. Adding oxygen and hydrogen raises the temperature of this material to 2050° C, where it fuses. The “corundum” (crystalline alumina) that forms on the rod in a stalagmite-like fashion takes around fifteen hours. After that, the stones are reheated to 1800° C to make the material more stable.

Blades that have been polished with diamonds are used to cut the corundums. The next step in machining a crystal is to surface it, which entails modifying its thickness, after which the diameter is ground to within 2/100ths of a millimetre.

Diamonds, Bezels, and Dials

Some of the unique characteristics of Swissmaster include blue super-luminous illumination, Moissanite diamonds, and sapphires set in bezels with pearls. Replica Rolex watches made in Switzerland. Super-Luminova® pigments are the only ones we use since they are safe for the environment, contain no hazardous chemicals, and do not contain any radioactive elements. Rolex Swiss replicas sold by Swissmaster are 100% authentic and impossible to tell apart thanks to the genuine Moissanite diamond markers and sapphire crystals.

The ceramic material used to make our bezels is very durable and resistant to corrosion. Swissmaster Ceramic bezels created in Switzerland are available in three colors: blue, black, and green. They are almost scratchproof and resistant to UV radiation.

Scratch Resistant 904L stainless steel is more difficult to work with when machining compared to other watch steels. As a result, Swissmaster used a 250-ton press to stamp the first cases and developed its own equipment to deal with the material.

904L has superior resistance to rust, corrosion, and pitting, and it also polishes well when worked with the right equipment and expertise. While it may be more difficult to damage the 904L’s brushed finishes, which leave a warm grain, even real Rolex watches are susceptible to scratches on the strap.

A crown of laser-etched Rolex and a sapphire

The crown of the new Rolex Swiss replica watches sold by Swissmaster has a tiny, almost invisible laser engraving at 6 o’clock on the crystal. Grinding the bottom and top surfaces of the crystal produces its cambered or dome-shaped appearance. Chemical polishing is applied to both sides of the sapphire crystal after it has been bevelled to ensure a snug fit with the casing.

The next step is to move it to a sterile laboratory, also called a “white room,” where it will undergo a furnace treatment to eliminate glare. This treatment is accomplished using a complex vacuum-evaporation procedure. This is just one more way that Swiss master stands apart. Only the finest Rolex clones, produced in Switzerland, will do.

Excellent Swiss-Made Mechanisms

The manufacturing technology that swissmaster created completely changes the way movements are assembled. A robot and each uniquely numbered Swissmaster file measure precision. For fifteen days and nights in a row, the movement of a Rolex clone is tested. A pioneer in the technological advancement of the process, Swissmaster specializes in cloning Swiss watches.

We spent five years perfecting and unveiling a high-performance Rolex clone calibre that has the same mechanical chronograph movement and the same architecture that brought Rolex into the elite club of watch makers. Swiss master The COSC standards certification procedure is unique in that it is only used to Rolex Swiss produced replica watches.