Watch Materials

Solid 904L Steel

At SWISSMASTER, we cut the 904L steel case for our watches using a massive 250-ton press. Normally, this type of steel is used in industries where it’s crucial to resist corrosion completely, like the chemical industry. It’s a super tough alloy that goes really well with the other precious metals we use in our watches. It’s incredibly resistant to rust, and it can be polished to a high shine.

While some other watchmakers use 316L stainless steel, we stand out by using this harder, more resistant 904L steel. This choice makes SWISSMASTER Rolex replica watches truly unique in the Swiss watch world.

Presious Metals

SWISSMASTER is the only maker of Swiss replica Rolex watches that uses genuine 18kt gold in white, yellow, and rose colors, as well as a real platinum alloy with a unique plating technique called PVD. This special combination of Swiss craftsmanship, our new Rolex Clone Swiss-made movements, and the precious metals we use creates Rolex replicas that are nearly impossible to tell apart from the real thing and will last you a lifetime. That’s why SWISSMASTER Rolex Swiss-made replica watches are pricier than those cheap fake replicas from Asia that often only last a few months.

Moissanite Diamonds

We at SWISSMASTER uses Moissanite diamonds in our Swiss Rolex replica watches, which is a special feature that makes our watches even more valuable. Moissanite diamonds are really shiny, even more so than regular diamonds, because they bend light in a way that creates beautiful rainbow flashes. In fact, they do this over two times better than diamond, ruby, emerald, or sapphire. So, whether it’s day or night, Moissanite diamonds sparkle and shine brilliantly.


At SWISSMASTER, we use a special luminous material called Super-Luminova in our Rolex Swiss replica watches. It works a bit like a rechargeable battery for light. When it’s exposed to sunlight or artificial light, it soaks up that energy and then glows in the dark for a long time. This means you can see the watch clearly even in the middle of the night because it has those bright marks. The best part is, you can charge it up with light again and again, and it doesn’t get old or lose its glow. So, Super-Luminova keeps your SWISSMASTER Rolex Swiss replica watch looking sharp and easy to read for a really long time.

Bezels & Dials

SWISSMASTER Rolex Swiss replica watches come with some special features that make them stand out. We use sapphire crystals on the bezel. The best part is, we make sure everything we use is safe and environmentally friendly, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful stuff.

Plus, our ceramic bezels are super tough and won’t get damaged easily. They come in various colors and can handle sunlight without fading. They’re also almost impossible to scratch, so your watch will look great for a long time. All these features make SWISSMASTER Rolex Swiss replicas really hard to tell apart from the real thing.