Watch Movements

100% Clone and Functionality as Geniune

When a watchmaker looks inside your SWISSMASTER watch, it’s really tough for them to tell if it’s real or not. That’s because our SWISSMASTER Rolex Clone watches are carefully crafted by skilled watchmakers in Geneva.

Figuring out if it has a real or fake movement is very tricky. To do that, you’d need a Rolex expert who knows a lot about Rolex watches and has spent many years working on them. Only they can say for sure if the movement is genuine or not.

1:1 Perfect Clone

The whole mechanism inside the watch is made in Switzerland, and it looks exactly like a real Rolex movement. In the SWISSMASTER workshop in Geneva, we make only a very limited number of these high-quality Swiss Rolex clone movements, so they are very rare. There are only a few people around the world who know about SWISSMASTER Rolex Clone Swiss movement replica watches, and this is a special opportunity for you to have one of these unique Swiss watches that are not widely available.

Nanotechnology Oil

SWISSMASTER Rolex clone movements are coated with a special Swiss-made nanotechnology oil that makes them last twice as long. SWISSMASTER is the first Swiss watchmaker to use these advanced nanotechnology oils to keep its movements running smoothly. These special oils were created in Switzerland specifically for SWISSMASTER Watch Company.

SWISSMASTER Rolex Clone Movements Made in Switzerland.

Rolex Clone Caliber 2235

Small in Size and Huge in Power Reserve

This Rolex 2235 Clone Swiss movement is the tiniest one among the automatic movements made by It’s only 20mm wide and 5.95mm tall. But don’t let its small size fool you! This little guy can keep running for up to 48 hours without needing to be wound again, thanks to its special Nivaflex mainspring.

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Rolex Clone Caliber 3130

Without No Date, Extra Power

This new Rolex Clone movement 3130 from is built upon the famous 3135 Caliber. Because it doesn’t have a date feature, it has fewer pieces and uses less power. So, without the date function, you get an impressive power reserve of up to 48 hours and don’t need to worry about the time.

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Rolex Clone Caliber 3131

Always Accurate and Durable

At we use Swiss Eta parts like the balance wheel, hairspring, and mainspring, which guarantee fantastic stability and accuracy within the COSC certification limits. This means our Swiss movement is really reliable and durable, built to last forever.

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Rolex Clone Caliber 3135

Nano Oil for Smooth Functionality

These clone movements are oiled with special Swiss Nanotechnology oils that double the life of the movements and make their motion smoother and more precise. Now, with Nano oil, you can enjoy longer service periods without worries.

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Rolex Clone Caliber 3136

Smooth Sweep for Seconds

This Rolex Clone movement 3136 is built on the famous 3135 Caliber. It has an impressive power reserve of 48 hours from just one mainspring, and it also has a smooth sweeping motion for the seconds hand that provides a smooth look.

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Rolex Clone Caliber 3156

Best for Date and Date Display

These clone movements come with features like instant day and date change and a stop seconds function. This 3156 includes the complication of showing both the day and date. Each movement is individually tested for 15 days and nights to ensure quality and accuracy.

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Rolex Clone Caliber 3186

Made for Travellers

These GMT movements are packed with a 24-hour hand function. The second hour hand moves around the clock face once every two hours, so you can track time in another time zone. The 3186 model also shows the date and has the 24-hour hand feature.

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Rolex Clone Caliber 3187

Best to Keep Time for Long Period

The winding mechanism in clone movements has wheels coated with Teflon, making winding smoother. The 3187 model includes both the date feature and a GMT 24-hour hand, which helps you tell day from night in addition to tracking different time zones.

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Rolex Clone Caliber 4130

A True Chronograph Masterpiece

This Rolex 4130 caliber is crafted from a real Rolex 4130 movement. It’s a marvel of Swiss engineering, boasting an incredible 72-hour power reserve! This 4130 movment is the ultimate chronograph, made with Swiss precision and accuracy in every aspect of production and performance.

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Rolex Clone Caliber Valjoux 7750

Best Chronograph Movement Evermade’s Daytona clone caliber is built using the famous Swiss Valjoux 7750 as its foundation. It’s designed with just 260 parts, much fewer than a typical chronograph, which makes it wonderfully simple. This Daytona caliber boasts a 42-hour power reserve that is state of the art for chronograph movements.

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